Peruzzo TB100 Self-Propelled Track Machine Chipper

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  • Drum Type Chippers Offer Superior Performance & Results, and Less Maintenance Than Rotor/Disc Style Chippers.
    • Watch the Embedded Video & Observe the Swift Self-Feeding System, the Stable Holding of Branches as they Pass Thru the Hopper, The Stable Condition of the Chipper Itself, and the Smaller & Uniform Size of the Chips.
      • Unlike the Rotor/Disc Style Chippers, This Peruzzo Drum Chipper Does Not Allow Violent Movement of Limbs & Branches During The Intake/Feeding Process, which creates a Potential for Head Knockers, Eye Pokers, etc - A Tremendous Safety Issue!
      • Also Unlike the Rotor/Disc Style Chippers, the Chipper is Not Vibrating, or Bouncing Around, Which Leads to Premature Wear & Tear on the Chipper, and also Introduces Another Safety Hazard.
  • With the 4" Tall x 12" Ultra-Wide Hopper Opening Enabling the Worst, Most Serpentine & Clumsy Pieces to be Fed, Chainsaw Work is Reduced, and Clogging is Minimized.
    • This Large Throat Opening Accommodates Chipping Dimensional Lumber, Cane Type Plants & Shrubs, Palm Fronds, Cactus Leaves & Other Vegetation!
  • A 12" Wide Hopper is the Widest Throat Opening Available for a 4" Chipper. In Fact, Typically, you'd have to get a 7" Chipper to get a 12" Wide Throat Opening.
  • Chipper has 2 Double Sided, Hardened Tool Steel, Presharpened Drum Blades.
  • Red Mushroom Push Button Kill Switch on Top of Feed Hopper.
  • Transmission has 3 Forward & 1 Reverse Speed, with Clutch Free Manual Lever Selection.
    • Can be Easily Moved Left-Right with your Leg!
  • Tracks are Operated with Forward & Reverse Levers (One on each Handle) & Drive Engage Lever at Left Handle.
  • Chipper is Self-Powered with a 18HP, KEY START Vanguard Gas Engine.
  • Chipper is Self-Propelled with a 6.5HP Pull Start Vanguard Gas Engine.
  • 4" Tall x 12" Wide Throat Opening.
  • The Chipper Drum with 2 Embedded Blades Provides The Best Self-Feeding Chipper On The Market!
    • Double Sided Drum Blades Reduces Time Required Between Sharpening's.
  • Drum is 6" X 12" Wide.
  • Hopper is 18" Tall x 20" Wide x 42" Deep to Blades.
  • With Chipper on the Ground, it's 42" to Bottom of Hopper Feed Shelf.
  • As Shown in Photo, it's 65" from Grade to the Tip of Deflector.
  • Tracks are 7.25" Wide x 36" Long.
  • Outside to Outside of Tracks is 26" - This is Widest Point of Chipper.
  • Overall Length of Chipper is 7'.
    • Length is from End of Handles to Deflector (folded down).
  • Weight is 814lb's.
  • Specifications are based on manufacturer provided data & subject to change w/o notice.

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