Koala 1200 Flail Collection Mower: 45" Cut, 25 CU' Capacity, Ground Discharge: One Pass Crop, Haylage, Forage, Vegetation Harvester!
Peruzzo 1200 45" Flail Collection Mower


Availability: Usually Ships in 1-4 Weeks
Product Code: KOALA1200_GROUND


  • The Peruzzo Series of Collection Flail Mowers provide the superior cut & performance expected with a Flail Mower, as well as the option of accumulating/collecting the clippings! The Koala Series are specifically made to work on smaller Utility, Compact & Sub-Compact Tractors.
  • The Collector Hopper opens hydraulically for 'Hands & Labor Free' dumping of collected material, for reuse as organic weed control, compost or mulch, for livestock feed, or even for disposal.
  • This Peruzzo Flail Mower with Collection Hopper has 40 'Forged & Hardened Steel' Hammer Blades - Peruzzo Flail Mowers always have the highest population of Blades to provide the best possible cut, and to reduce the burden on your tractor!
  • Gage Wheels are included as shown in photo.
    • Tractor in the Video (& field photos) is a Deere 955, 27PTO HP Tractor - it was a perfect fit, even when the Hopper was full.
  • Mower ships complete including a 540RPM PTO Shaft!
  • Rated for 20 to 45HP Tractors.
    • Tractor counter-weight ballasting is very important on smaller, lighter tractors.
  • Suitable for Cat 1, 3-Point Hitches.
  • Hopper capacity is 25cu'.
  • Working width is 45".
  • Overall width is 57".
  • Overall length is 57".
  • Overall height is 43".
  • Cutting height can be set from +/- 3/4" below grade to +/- 4" above grade.
  • Electronically balanced Rotor has 40 Forged & Hardened Steel Hammer Blades.
    • Rotor & Forged & Hardened Hammer Blades are rated to cut 1" to 2" diameter, depending on material.
  • Weight is 616lb's.
  • Specifications are based on manufacturer provided data & subject to change.

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