5000-G TriFlex Grooming Flail Mower:
16'-6" Cut, Groomed & Manicured Results
Suitable for 75-150HP

Peruzzo 5000-G 16'-6" Tri-Flex Flail Mower

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Product Code: PERUZZO5000_D

Above Video is of Tri-Deck with Larger Hammer Blades. New Video with Smaller Hammer Blades & 'Y' Blades Coming Soon!

  • This Peruzzo Flail Mower has 164 Forged & Hardened Steel Hammer Blades:
    • Peruzzo Flail Mowers always have the Highest Population of Blades to Provide the Best Possible Cut & to Reduce the Burden on Your Tractor!
    • These Standard Hammer Blades Provide the Best & Flattest Cut. They Endure Contact with Rocks & Stumps Better than the 'Y' Blades, and are Easily Sharpenable. If Your Tractor is on the Low End of the HP Requirements, or if You Want to Mow & Use the VertiCut Blades Simultaneously, then the 'Y' Blades Should be Considered.
      • Hardox VertiCut Blades are Compatible Only with 'Y' Blades or the Formed Hammer Blades.
      • Total Quantity Double Sided 'Y' Blades is 328.
  • Peruzzo Mower Gearboxes Include an Over-Running Clutch, Providing Two Advantages:
    • First: Easy Alignment & Attachment of the Mowers PTO Shaft to the Tractors PTO Shaft:
      • The O.R. Clutch Enables you to Freely Spin the PTO Shaft & Gearbox for Alignment!
    • Second: Smooth Shut Down:
      • The O.R. Clutch allows the Mower Gearbox to Free Wheel to a Stop, Eliminating Abrupt Shutdowns & Wear of the PTO Brake!
  • To Assist in 'Front to Rear' Deck Leveling, each Deck & the Frame include Built in Level Gauges.
  • Mower Includes a Spool Valve with Float Positioning (for Tractors w/o Float Positioning Hydraulic Outlets).
    • Float Positioning also prevents raising the Outer Decks while the PTO is engaged (which would damage the PTO u-joints).
  • All 3 Hydraulic Cylinders are Double Acting, Which Allows Superior Control (over single acting cyl's) & also allows for Down Pressure on the Decks.
  • Terrain Scalping is Avoided with the Rear Rollers, Gage Wheels & Adjustable Rear Transport Axle.
    • 6 Gauge Wheels (2 on Front Corners of each Deck) provide Deck Suspension & Cutting Height Adjustment (1/2"-5").
    • Rear Roller (on each Deck) provides Mower Deck Suspension & Cutting Height Adjustment.
    • Plus, the Transport Axle & Tires provide Deck Suspension, Cutting Height Adjustment & Overall Vertical Positioning for the Mower.
  • Peruzzo Flail Mowers are the Safest & Most Efficient Mowers Available:
    • With Peruzzo Flail Mowers, the Possibility of Discharging Dangerous Projectiles is Dramatically Reduced Compared to Conventional Rotary Mowers, and with the Reduced Machine Depth & Weight, they're the Easiest for Your Tractor to Handle! Plus, the Superior 'Single-Pass' Cut of Peruzzo Flail Mowers Provides New Efficiencies by Eliminating Multiple Passes for Excellent Results!
  • Powder Coated Paint!
  • Requires 1 Set of Hydraulic Outlets.
  • Tractors Shown in Photos are for Display Purposes Only & Not Included!
  • Mower Includes 1000RPM PTO Shaft, Hydraulic Hoses & Tips!
  • Rated for 75HP to 150HP Tractors with 21 Spline, 1000RPM Output Shaft.
    • Gearbox Converter for 540RPM Available for $999.00.
  • Drawbar Connected Pull Type Hitch.
  • Mowing Width: 16'-6".
  • Overall Width: 19'-8".
  • Overall Depth: 12'-0".
    • Bush Hogs w/15' Cut are 17' Long.
  • Electronically Balanced Rotor has 164, Forged & Hardened Steel Hammer Blades.
    • Rotor & Standard Hammer Blades are Rated to Cut to 2" Diameter Material.
      • Cutting Capacity with 'Y' Blades is 1.25" Dia.
    • Cutting Height:
      • With Hammer Blades: 0.50" to 3.25".
      • With 'Y' Blades: 1.25" to 4".
  • Weight: 3,968lb's.
  • Specifications are based on manufacturer provided data & subject to change.

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