Panther 1600 Flail Collection Mower: 60" Cut, 53CU' Capacity, Hydraulic Hi-Lift & Dump!
Panther 1600 60" Flail Mower with Collector Hopper


Availability: Usually Ships in 1-4 Weeks
Product Code: PANTHER1600HYD


  • The Peruzzo Series of Collection Flail Mowers provide the superior cut & performance expected with a Flail Mower, as well as the option of accumulating/collecting the clippings!
  • The hydraulic lift system enables dumping into truck beds, trailers, containers, etc, to transport collected material for reuse as organic weed control or mulch, for livestock feed, or even for disposal. Also, the Dump Gate can be opened in any position, from grade to maximum elevated height.
  • This Peruzzo Collection Flail Mower includes 58 'Forged & Hardened Steel' Hammer Blades - Peruzzo Flail Mowers always have the highest population of Blades to provide the best possible cut, and to reduce the burden on your tractor!
    • Optional Blades available are as follows:
      • Hardox Verticut Dethatching Blades.
        • Compatible w/Formed Steel Hammer Blades.
      • 'Y' Flail Blades:
        • Compatible w/Hardox Verticut Dethatching Blades.
  • Gage Wheels are included as shown in photo.
  • Sample photo shows a Panther 1800, but this Listing is for a Panther 1600 as Stated Above.
  • Sample Video Shows a Koala PRO 1600 Mower, but this Listing is for a Panther 1600 Mower.
  • Mower Includes 540RPM PTO Shaft!
  • Rated for 40 to 65HP Tractors.
    • Tractor counter-weight ballasting is very important, especially when using the Hi-Lift Dump Feature!
  • Suitable for Cat 1&2, 3-Point Hitches.
  • Hopper capacity is 53cu'/2.cu yards.
  • Working width is 60".
  • Overall width is 72".
  • Overall length is 77".
  • Overall height is 57".
  • Cutting height can be set from +/-3/4" below grade to +/-4" above grade.
  • Electronically balanced Rotor has 48 Forged & Hardened Steel Hammer Blades.
  • Weight is 1224lb's.
  • Specifications are based on manufacturer provided data & subject to change.

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