Kubota Front Mount Mower Flail Deck, Model 1600HD 63" Cut: Finish & Rough Cut! Fits: F2880, F3060, F3090, F3560, F3680 & F3890 Mowers
Kubota 63" Cut Flail Mower Deck


Availability: Usually Ships in 1-2 Weeks


  • This Heavy Duty Deck is suitable for F2880, F3060, F3090, F3560, F3680 & F3890 Front Deck Kubota Mowers.
  • Cutting width is 63".
  • Overall width is 70".
  • Overall depth (from attaching point to spindle) is 54".
  • Minimum cutting height is 1".
  • Maximum cutting height is 3.5" with 'Y' Flail Blades, 3" with Hammer Blades.
  • Flail Deck with Electronically Balanced Rotor Includes One Set (96) of Heavy Duty, 5mm (3/16") Thick 'Y' Blades.
    • Double Sided 'Y' Blades are the most Universal Type, performing well for Finish Cuts & Rough Cutting in the Tallest, Thickest Vegetation & even Smaller Saplings!
      • Consider the Optional Hammer Blades if you expect to encounter much Rock. The 'Y' Blades can endure some contact with Rock, but may bend or break from Excessive Contact. Hammer Blades may get some denting, but can be sharpened multiple times.
      • A set of Hammer Blades (48) is $480.00 and can ship with the Deck at no Additional Shipping Cost.
      • Upgrade cost for Hammer Blades in Lieu of 'Y' Blades is $330.00.
    • Rotor & Blades are Rated to Cut up to 1.5" Diameter Material with Hammer Blades, 1" with 'Y' Blades:
      • Subject to Ground Speed, HP Available, Density of Vegetation Being Cut & Condition of Blades.
  • In Addition to all of the Obvious Advantages of this Flail Deck over Rotary Decks, this Flail Deck will NOT plug from moist Clippings!
  • Striping Kit is included.
  • Tires are Flat-Proof!
    • Sample Photo shows the Deck Attached to the Kubota Riding Mower for Reference Only - Riding Mower is Not included!
  • Flail Mower Deck weighs 551lb's.
  • Specifications are based on manufacturer provided data & subject to change.

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