31" Side Trim Mower Head:
Excellent for Fence & Tree Rows
Hydraulically Powered, Min. 7GPM

Peruzzo Hydraulic Swing Arm Mower Head

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Availability: Usually Ships in 1 to 2 Weeks

  • This Peruzzo Hydraulically Powered Side Trim Mower Head has 2 Solid Steel Swinging Blades, Attached to a Pan Carrier!
    • Blades are 5/15" Thick x 3-1/8" Wide x 8-3/4" Long.
    • Blades are Sharpenable & Always in Stock.
  • Rotary Head is Shown Extended & Retracted in Photos.
  • Trimmer Rotary Head Has a Protective Bumper Around the Circumference to Protect Trees, Posts, etc.
    • Outside Edge/Max Reach of the Trimmer Head from Edge of Flail Mower Deck is About 31".
      • For Additional Protection, the Head will also Rotate (upon contact) to Prevent Damage to the Head & Fixed Objects it Contacts.
  • Rotary Head can be Pitched about 50° Left or Right (on horizontal axis) to Accommodate Varied Terrain.
  • Horizontal Mower Head Swing Return Managed by an Adjustable Double Spring System:
    • Swing Tension Can Be Mild for Fragile Stems, Trunks & Posts, or Rigid for Faster Ground Speed, and Also for Steep, Uphill Travel!
  • Side Trim Mower Requires 1 Set of Tractor Hydraulic Outlets for Operation.
  • Mower Includes a Return Line & Requires a Return Line Port on the Tractor for Universal & Proper Operation.
  • Sample Photos Shows the Mower Head Attached to a Peruzzo Flail Mower for Reference Only - Mower is Not Included.
    • Brackets & Attaching Hardware are Made for the Peruzzo Bull Series of Flail Mowers, but Can & Have been Modified to fit other Equipment.
  • Side Trim Mower Ships with Hydraulic Hoses & Couplers.

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